Wednesday, 25 January 2012

42 Just Isn't Enough

We are told so much in our lives; school, parents, friends, they all have their evaluation on life. Although, living someone else’s evaluations seems to do no good to anyone. 

I don’t understand what the point actually is, are we all here simply as a race surviving with economy and politics all being inventions of the mind? 

Is there a truly higher conscious?
Are we just evolved animals making our way, evolving a better race until we're wiped out again? 

Do we have purpose?
Is the world nurturing us into what we should be, knowing we need to be something better, more important?

But what is important?
What society tells us or doctors, scientists and musicians? Is it the mothers of the world giving new life, the farmers replanting life to sustain us?

Could we possibly just aspire to be happy?
What actually is true happiness? Is it a god we will never see/experience? Do people have it? Do they know they have it and what does it feel like? I wonder if it has a colour...

Why are the most tortured people the most creative? 

If we are a part of a higher consciousness then why are we tormented with the feeling that we should be fulfilling something more and yet not being helped to achieve it? 

All the questions of the universe are frequently asked but rarely answered. But if they were, would we accept them?

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