Wednesday, 6 March 2013

You're Kind Of Amazing

A few weeks ago I read this post that kind of changed my world. It told us that we need to stop apologising for being our-fabulous-selves. It said a lot more than that but it got me thinking. Why are we a nation of overly polite, humble pie-eating-contest winners?

We aren't allowed to brag, if we do we are branded a show off, a loser, annoying or overcompensating for something else. I know there is a limit but there is a difference between saying "I'm doing really well in my job and can finally afford that new car" and "I just bought the new (pretentious car name and stats), it cost (obscene amount) and it's better than any car in the world!". The latter person is a total douche but why do we feel the need to hide our achievements so that we don't make other people feel bad? I'm not saying go out and hurt people but why hurt yourself, dull yourself down just to save the (very estimated) feelings of others?

The reason this post (kind of) changed my world was because this is something I have done my entire life. I haven't been able to find that line between bragging and humility. I was rarely rewarded for my achievements growing up, it just wasn't something we did in our house. This lead me to be overly needy when it came to approval and so I wanted to make a bigger deal out of my achievements which would amount to bragging. But I hated bragging, it made me feel cheap, dirty and a little bit used, so most of the time my achievements slipped by completely unnoticed.

I don't want to apologise for being educated.

I don't want to apologise for being quirky.

I don't want to apologise for being who I am.

Just because was a social chameleon does not make me fake.
Just because I have a few quirks does not make me a freak.
Just because I laugh at my own jokes does not make me a loser! Okay, even I admit the last one does make me a bit of a loser but do you know what? I am really okay with that.

Embrace yourself, whether you are quirky, brilliant, hilarious (if only to yourself) or just sweet vanilla because the minute we accept and relish all the parts of ourselves that we like, others will too. And the parts that we don't like? Explore why that part of yourself is deemed bad and work though it.

This is me.

I am erratic, romantic, eclectic, eccentric, quirky, and whole heartedly dramatic.

Who are you?

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