Saturday, 4 August 2012

She Will Do Great Things

Why is love blind?

Why is it, when you fall in love all other things become less important?

All these things that are day-to-day staples become secondary to the all-consuming addiction to each other when you fall in love.

Is this still the childish way of taking risks by dealing with the seemingly secondary things later or does this make a relationship?

Why do we ignore all the issues, quirks we know will annoy us in later life at the beginning and why do they become so vivid later on?

No relationship is certain or in my opinion, forever. Is it really worth the risk? I used to live for love. Until I was broken. Now I see nothing but future hurt and too much risk.

I know from experience it can be worth it and if you find the love you never thought you would experience, the love you dream of, then take the risk?

Love; perfectly imperfect love. Kind, gentle, dominant, generous, uncertain, strange, thoughtful, romantic, twisted, reassuring love.

Love is blind but beautifully so.

I am all in. All in.

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