You Got This

Things You Already Know But Mostly Ignored (And You Shouldn't Have)

As my depression is shifting, changing, ebbing and flowing, so has my perception. Currently I'm not seeing things in the same dull and ignorable way so I've taken the liberty of trying to stop being my own worst enemy by listening and doing... 

Ridiculously-easy-things-that-I-already-knew-I-should-have-been-doing-to-aid-my-mental-health-but-didn't. Phew. 

I have been reading more on the subject of mental health, facts and personal experiences, blogs and articles which have been both inspiring and frustrating. I was frustrated at myself mostly for procrastinating with my recovery and for not absorbing simple advice that could have aided me getting to this place a lot sooner but I, like many others, wasn't ready to listen, to admit, to heal. 

So, here are all the posts in one handy place of advice, tips, tricks, hints, orders, instructions, directions or whatever you want to view them as (maybe not the last three but dramatic effect and all that) that have been helpful for me. 

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